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- Select shots from first Edit -


Total estimated time - 2 weeks for action or choreography heavy animatics
- 1 week for dialogue based animatics

The first edit of the Musical project involved 23 shots that were timed to
2:25 minutes music.

Week 2

Week 3/4

Week 6

"Scythe Dancing" - What does it look like?

"Pop-Up Book" I need to better convey the idea of these characters going separate ways.

"Intro" How can I carry over the book motif and tie it back to the intro?

In total, 16 out of 23 shots from the initial edit were re-edited in this manner over the course of 4 weeks. Some sequences need repeated iterations, others come together after a single edit, and a few scenes were retained without any changes.


Phase III Rough Tie-Down (not cleanup)

Dance seq.


C.U. - Closer to camera = more detail


Clarify direction of forms 

Motion tweaks, and clarify direction


Once everything is working together, I go through and quickly give everything a once over,
locking in the forms and direction of the head, shoulders, etc. I also rough in some of the major design elements that will affect the silhouette. I try to avoid making the lines too clean as it takes longer and stiffens up the drawing a bit. This phase is all about clarifying the rough drawings.

Quickest and easiest phase, Ideation/Choreography/Editing = hard part. 

Full Project Viewable >>HERE<<


Christopher Na 
2D x 3D Hybrid Pre-viz

I provide storyboard and animatic services for TV, Film, and Games.
My areas of interest include action/adventure and drama. My style is heavily influenced by anime with a focus on cinematic compositions that create compelling visual storytelling. I also love to explore dynamic camera and choreography that create a more visceral and immerse viewing experience. 


For a more condensed summary of my work you can check out my reel HERE. For a more complete storytelling experience feel to check out the complete projects below.

Based in Los Angeles, Open to Hybrid Work

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