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Visuals + Editing                                        Christopher Na
Song                                                          "Found Me" by Maeshima Soshi 
Singer                                                         YonYon

BG Sky                                             

Temp Audio                                                Epidemic Sound Library

Character Designs                                     "Soul Eater" Soul & Maka


Christopher Na 
2D x 3D Hybrid Pre-viz

I provide storyboard and animatic services for TV, Film, and Games.
My areas of interest include action/adventure and drama. My style is heavily influenced by anime with a focus on cinematic compositions that create compelling visual storytelling. I also love to explore dynamic camera and choreography that create a more visceral and immerse viewing experience. 


For a more condensed summary of my work you can check out my reel HERE. For a more complete storytelling experience feel to check out the complete projects below.

Based in Los Angeles, Open to Hybrid Work

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